All served with crunchy bread, olives, olive oil and varied marmalade
Jamón Platter
A selection of serano curado, paleta ibérica, belota iberica and the corn fed belota ibérica — 350g
Serrano Curado
Slices of the hind leg of the white mountain pig. Dried for 6 months. — 80g
Paleta ibérica
Slices of the front leg of the black Iberian pig, with extra fat the marble texture is achieved. Dried for 12 months.— 80g
Belota Ibérica
Produced from pure bred black Iberian pigs these free range qualities are what distinguishes the belota to be the highest grade of jamón. Dried for 36 months. — 100g
Corn Fed Belota Ibérica
The finest belota available. These pigs were free to roam between Spain and Portugal only eating acorns. Dried for 48 months. — 90g
Jamón Pato Curado (Duck)
Salted, sliced free range duck breast. Dried for 18 months. — 100g

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